The Atlas Art Programme is to explore new, established and renewed arts with the local scene and our curious crowd. Arts are performed in many different ways. As a means of expression, they have served as a universal language for many centuries. And still, the rich history of all art forms and their influence on our perceiving, thinking and acting is found all around us.

Through the Art Programme of Atlas Electronic 2018, we hope to introduce our visitors to the many sides of creation. Apart from the interactive installations, live performances and beautiful exhibitions, this year we created an educative programme for both our local visitors as well as our international crowd. The educative programme contains panel sessions, artists talks, workshops and speaker sessions, just to name a few. You can join the conversation, share your story, and learn about the people behind the pieces.

Until the final programme is announced, you can read more about our latest finds on arts on our blog. Do you rather participate? Find out how you can join the community and share your arts through our platform.