Call Super

Call Super is the primary moniker of Joseph Richmond Seaton, a DJ and musician from London who has, over the last two years, quietly carved out his own place in the landscape of electronic music. Defined by a meticulous approach to the composition, production, art direction and presentation of his work, every release encapsulates Joseph’s idiosyncratic vision. It is a colourful world that gives life to the shadows and throws a mist over the boundaries that have become so commonplace in electronic music. His record The Present Tense provided the launching point for Houndstooth (the label arm of London’s fabric nightclub). The following two releases, Black Octagons and Depicta/Acephale, cemented his status as one of the brightest new talents to emerge in the current wave of producers pushing outwards in the electronic music scene. With an impressive following discography, this all stands alongside his increasingly esteemed work as a DJ. A deft ability to craft sets known for their hypnotic intensity and musical breadth has brought him across the world and seen him play extended back-to-back sets with Objekt, Pearson Sound and Ben UFO. In recent months his own favourite sets have come in a range of settings, from Air/Contact in Tokyo to Chicago’s Smart Bar, Berghain and fabric’s cocoon-like Room 1. That versatility stems from his acute musical curiosity and adroit ability to conjure expansive trips that communicate a warm zeal for the music that, for much of his life, has guided Call Super onwards and upwards.

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