Ko Shin Moon (live)

At the birth of this project are two friends, Axel Moon and Niko Shin, and two ways of researching: the collection of recordings on one side, and the collection of instruments on the other. Both are multi-instrumentalist and collectors of records, tapes and instruments from all over the world. Their releases on the Paris-based record label Akuphone – dedicated to rare global Pop & Folk Music from the 40s to the 90s – are a testimony to their uniquely authentic sound.

Axel is trained in ethnomusicology and has been going to India for several years, where he has learned playing the sitar and is introduced to the classical Hindustani music. After returning to France, he nourished his interest in Middle Eastern music, from sitar to rubab, and from rubab to the oud. Playing his lutes with his signature touch, Axel’s inspiration is drawn from everything around: classical teaching, traditional repertoires, pop culture and oriental dance music.

The second half of the Parisian duo is Niko Shin. Trained as a sound engineer he set up his own studio, La Kabane, in Fontainebleau. After four years of being active, Niko radically transformed his studio to one with an analogue orientation. In his musical spaceship, with walls of synthesizers and postcards from other galaxies, Niko is both the chief operator and delegated instrumentalist.

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