Mim Suleiman (live)

She started hearing streams of voices, rhythms, and poetry working as a teaching metallurgical technician at The University of Birmingham. With no musical background whatsoever, Mim Suleiman left her job to pursue her dream. Born in Zanzibar, Tanzania, the singer-songwriter and performer’s eclectic being revels in East African vocals and traditional percussion. She’s been described as a fiery singer who never fails to indulge her audience. A versatile vocalist and vibrant performer – a meeting between Miriam Makeba and Aretha Franklin. Besides from singing, she runs workshops that include finding your voice, performing, singing, dancing, harmonizing, and songwriting and has conducted them at festivals, universities, and schools throughout the UK and abroad.

Her very recent first album, Kawaida (2017), is the perfect mix of what defines this proud African artist. Her songs, sung in English, Fula or her native tongue Swahili, have been heard from Asia to Europe. With her love and enthusiasm for melodies and rhythms, Mim is able to play her crowd like no other.

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