V.I.V. is a Casablanca based collective whose primary goal is to serve as an outlet for Moroccan artists, thereby contributing to an experimental and up-and-coming musical environment. Founded in 2017 in Morocco, the group of four artists feels like the country is now ready to accept artistic change. Although the country is still virgin to many electronic genres, the shift is starting to happen since the electronic music bug that’s been caught so recently. More than a music collective, V.I.V. is an idea – the idea that there can be an alternative to the status quo, a fantasy of a country where the audience can reach new musical horizons, with variated taste, solid infrastructures and opportunities for all and diversified events.

Consisting of four artists with different tastes, 212 Thug, Rayane Kara, High Emotions, and Sumo Hamed have a mission and their musical background in common. They educated themselves on the basis of sound itself and its protean nature, its geography and its sonic iterations. As artists, they all like different things but share the same kink for alternative genres like IDM, Dubstep, Jungle, Footwork, Bass or Ambient, with an avid sensibility towards experimentation.

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