Cosmo Records

Founded in 2009, Cosmo Records is a Moroccan electronic music label desiring to create touch points between Western, Latin, West-African and Oriental music.

Due to its unique creative process, the label is seeking to spearhead a revolutionary form of blending various musical spectrums. In so doing, world famous electronic artists and traditional musicians meet in Morocco’s finest music studios to produce original sounds at the confluence of music styles ranging from minimal, tech house and house to the psychedelic practice of Bamako’s Kora.

Artists are brought from a wide diversity of backgrounds, which makes any track of the label’s music a fascinating journey, where experimental sounds coming out of the most technical devices keep echoing traditional ambiences.

More than anything, Cosmo records acts as a bridging artist community fostering the dialogue between sophisticated western music and ancestral afro-oriental sounds. That undoubtedly gives the label’s universe its unique touch. The Cosmo touch.

Where to find the kids from the block? Hosting the Amphi stage all saturday long!