Are vans or cars allowed on the campsite?

The camping is located within the walls of Villa Janna Ecolodge, therefore no cars or vans are allowed to enter the premises. However, no worries, for parking spaces are made available for our road-tripping visitors!

Can I bring my pet?

Although we love furry friends, no pets are allowed on the campsite as well as the festival site.

How do I book a tent?

The On-site Desert Camping is sold out. You can no longer book a tent in our ticket shop. Check out our hotel options here:

How do I get to the campsite?

There are several ways to get to Villa Janna. The easiest and safest way is by using the Shuttle Service. For 30 euros you can get a ticket that grants you access to the shuttle that takes our visitors to and from the Atlas Electronic festival site. Check out the ticket shop for your Festival Shuttle Service. No public transportation (e.g. public buses, trains or trams) go to the festival. Finally, keep in mind that when taking a cab extra costs might be involved considering the location of the festival.

What can/can’t I bring to the camping?

Don’t bring…

  • …illegal substances. This includes soft and hard drugs. Note that you’re visiting a foreign country and breaking the law has grave consequences.
  • …weapons and any sharp object that can be used as a weapon. Safety first!
  • …products/equipment/electronics that can’t sustain heat. Temperatures rise quite high during the day. Some measurements can be taken to reduce damage, but pack your bags thoughtfully and don’t create any unnecessary risk for yourself. Atlas Electronic cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of these items.
  • …fire hazardously items (e.g. barbeques, gas containers).
  • …a tent. We got you covered. Your tent and beds will await you at the On-site Desert Camping.

Do bring…

  • …swimwear! The swimming pool is available during your entire stay.
  • …food and drinks. You’re allowed to bring up to 6 litres of drinks to the campsite. Note that you are not allowed to bring any food or drinks to the festival site. Breaking this rule can cause you to lose access to the festival site. Furthermore, due to the heat, choose which food you bring carefully.
  • …good vibrations. You’ll be sharing your Atlas Experience with the rest of the camping!

If you’re not entirely sure whether you can bring an item to the campsite or not, send an email to [email protected] Better safe than sorry!

What is the address of the campsite?

The campsite is located at the same address as the festival, Villa Janna. The address of Villa Janna is Douar El Mghazli CR Al Ouidane, BP Guéliz 2691 - 40000, Morocco.

When do I check in and out of the camping?

The gates to the on-site camping village at Villa Janna will open on Thursday, August 24 at 12:00. You are requested to leave the campsite no later than Monday, August 28 at 12:00.


How do I get there?

We will provide shuttles from the offered hotels. Exact times and frequencies will be communicated in a later stadium, but no worries, there is always a possibility to find your way.

What are the opening times?

Thursday 17:00 - 02:00
Friday 12:00 - 04:00
Saturday 12:00 - 04:00
Sunday 12:00 - 04:00

Always check our timetable for stage times.

When is the festival?

This year’s edition will take place from the 24th - 27th of August 2017.

Where is the festival?

The Opening Concert and Festival of Atlas Electronic are being held at Villa Janna Ecolodge located in the Palmeraie area of Marrakech. The address of Villa Janna is Douar El Mghazli CR Al Ouidane, BP Guéliz 2691 - 40000, Morocco.

House Rules

House Rules

  • By entering the festival grounds you are agreeing that you have read and understood these house rules and agree to comply with and be bound by these house rules.
  • The house rules are subject to change, the most up-to-date version of the house rules that will apply will be available at the gate of Atlas Electronic.
    If visitors do not abide by the Atlas Electronic house rules, they can and will be removed from the festival area.
  • We don’t allow any kinds of soft and/or hard drugs or research chemicals.
    If you have (prescription) medicines you need to bring with you, please email [email protected] and we will discuss the procedure for this.
  • Follow instructions by Atlas Electronic staff and security at all times.
    Security personnel can search visitors.
  • Refusal to undergo a search will result in expulsion, without a refund.
    Visitors are to abide by decisions made by security personnel at all times.
  • These decisions could relate to carrying and/or bringing in materials, food, and equipment or the validity of entrance tickets.
  • Atlas Electronic staff will always have the final say in these matters.
  • The sale of T-shirts and other souvenirs, as well as foods and drinks, is prohibited.
  • Distributing flyers, posters, banners and/or stickers is not permitted –neither at or around the festival area, nor at the hotels and the nearby roads.
  • Sampling is not allowed, either.
  • Lighting a fire or BBQ is strictly forbidden.
  • At the request of Atlas Electronic’s staff, security or otherwise, you will have to show your ID to confirm your age. We might also ask for your ID at the bar. The legal drinking age in the Morocco is 18 years.
  • We reserve the right to make changes in the festival program and/or timetable.

• Your good mood
• Small backpacks or bags (we have lockers)
• Sunscreen (containers will be checked at the entrance)
• Swimming gear; we have a pool
• Blanket or rug to sit on

• Any amount of soft or hard drugs
• (Semi-)professional equipment, such as photo, audio, video or recording equipment, including GoPro.
• Glassware, cans and plastic bottles
• Flyers, stickers or other promotional/print materials
• Permanent markers
• Large backpacks
• Umbrellas and parasols
• Food and drink in any kind of containers and/or wrapping
• Dangerous objects
• Stools, steps and/or folding chairs
• Pets
• Air cushions and/or other inflatable material, e.g. air beds or chairs
• Prams and buggies
• Large plastic tarps
• Banners or flags


How do I travel from one place to another?

To the train station, hotels offered by us, and festival you can travel by shuttle buses. If you would like to visit the centre, ask the lobby of your hotel for a taxi.

What would you suggest to see in Marrakech?

Coming soon.

Where can I stay?

More info soon.


Can I buy tokens in advance?

Working on it, more info soon. We will probably handle a cashless policy with RFID bracelets.

Can I change my package after I have payed?

You can’t change your purchases after buying. Unless you have a reasonable reason with proof for it. In this case, please contact our team: [email protected]

Is my ticket refundable?

The tickets are non-refundable.

What are the conditions of the activity tickets?

> All offers are only valid in combination with the festival ticket.
> The one day excursion tours will proceed with a minimum of 3 attendees.
> Note for some tours additional costs maybe in place.
> For more information and specifications about the tours contact Imzi tours
(Phone: +212 (0) 524433934 – Mobile: +212 (0) 50 22 06-33- Email : [email protected]).

What do I have to do if I want to change my add on activity?

Please contact our team: [email protected]

What type of tickets do you offer?

We offer 4-days-tickets (passe-partout), you can decide for yourself whether you would like to add activities to your package. More info about the activities and residencies will follow soon.


I have a suggestion and would like to get in touch with the organization

Please send an email to [email protected]

I would like to get in touch with the PR person of Atlas

Please send an email to [email protected]