Resident Advisor

Established in 2001, Resident Advisor (also known as RA) is an online music magazine and community platform that’s dedicated to showcasing electronic music, artists and events across the globe. RA’s editorial team provides news, music and event reviews, as well as films, features and interviews. The website also manages an online community and the RA Podcast. The company was founded by Paul Clement and Nick Sabine to provide news relating to the Australian dance music scene.

It’s outgrew its initial regional focus and by 2002, was covering the electronic music industry globally. With almost 3 million monthly active users in 2015 Resident Advisor is seen as greatest online music magazine. RA combines high-quality writing and film, creating an ecosystem of content and services, which they also translate to offline parties, events, festivals and much more. With an audience spanning music fans, club goers, dj’s, producers, venue owners, promoters and record labels, RA plays an indispensable role in supporting the electronic music industry worldwide.

It’s a great honor to have RA as a media partner for Atlas Electronic, to ensure the word is spread of this brand new festival to all music lovers.