Nu Guinea (IT)

Even with a stellar first release on Early Sounds under their belts and now an equally great follow up on Tartelet, Nu Guinea are more than happy to keep a certain air of mystery to their music. Evidently the Napels formed and Berlin-based duo want the music to do the talking and leave any other preconceptions at the door. Taking influences from Africa to Asia their sound incorporates worldly grooves tied together with an array of hardware, giving a diverse and refreshing dynamic to their releases.

Nu Guinea also re-worked the original magic drum patterns from the afrobeat master Tony Allen, creating a handmade sound that is not aiming for perfection but genuineness. World, funk and disco in an experimental mix with melting synthesizers are the closest to describing Nu Guinea. But you’ve got the see them live to really feel the energy Nu Guinea is working on stage.

Friday 2nd     Pool