Beat the Heat: The Moroccan Way

Marrakech has a land climate, meaning that when the warm Sahara wind reaches the red city during summer, things can heat up quite a bit. But no worries, although warmth isn’t for everyone, we definitely are. So check out these five easy ways to beat the heat!

1. Stay hydrated!

Yes, this one counts all year long and throughout all seasons, but when it’s hot outside it becomes even more important. You can drink your Sidi Ali (the Moroccan Chaudfontaine or Spa), but if that gets boring after a while, try a mint tea. A what? Yes, a mint tea. Research has shown that drinking a hot drink on a hot and dry day actually cools you down. Cheers!

2. Learn from locals

Take a nap. That’s right, sleep your way through the hottest part of the day. Not only will you save energy for your late afternoon and evening shenanigans, you will also avoid the most dangerous hours of the sun. Like in many other warm countries, locals have long lunch breaks where they head home for food and sometimes a short nap. If you need anything from the local store, buy it in advance, for some local shops close during these hot midday hours. Can you blame them?

3. More is less… heat

You might have seen them in blogs or street images. I’m talking about the jellaba - a one piece overdress that is commonly worn by both women and men. It might seem silly to actually wear more when it’s steaming hot outside, but these people know what they’re doing. Not only are (summer-)jellaba made from fabrics that don’t retain heat, covering up also protects your skin from direct contact with the sun. Cool right?

4. Water is life

We knew water was important since hydration is. But although drinking water is healthy and very necessary too, sometimes it’s an exterior cooldown you’re craving. We know it is not particularly environmentally friendly to shower for hours upon hours, but try taking a dip in the pool for that instant cooldown. Hotels and riads often have pools, and there will definitely be a pool stage at the festival, so don’t forget to bring your swim gear!

5. Chill

Finally, in the most literal sense of the word: chill. Stressing, exercising heavily, or even just walking around for a couple of hours gets ten times harder when it’s hot outside. So leave your running shoes at home, don’t plan too many activities in one day and take a break every now and then. Join the dark side for some regeneration in one of the many green parks and dare to take it slow.


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