Our story

connecting music, arts and cultures from all over the world

Started as an intimate festival, Atlas Electronic Music, Arts & Culture Festival has grown to offer a platform in various, sometimes quite literal ways. The elaborate four-day programming includes various underground electronic sounds, borderless cross-over acts, exclusive artistic collaborations, inspirational cultural encounters, and a nomadic luxury On-site Desert Camping. But that’s not all.

Atlas Electronic is more than a festival, contributing to local upcoming scenes all year round through the Atlas Electronic Projects. These projects, ranging from intimate listening sessions to cross-cultural collaborations, make up an important aspect of our mindset - making innovating cross-overs, the exchange of knowledge and the mixing and matching of skills and cultures in a safe space possible.

A great place to start exploring these projects and more is this website and our blog. Here you can discover more about the diverse music, arts, and culture we so proudly represent. Scroll through interviews with your favourite artist, in-depth articles about that obscure instrument you can’t remember the name of or revel in a photo series by a diverse array of talents.

Find out more about our sound in our podcast series on SoundCloud, which were created exclusively for Atlas Electronic and represent a unique musical journey through the ears of some of the best in electronic music.

Atlas Electronic stands for connectivity in the broadest sense of the word. In becoming the main channel through which creatives of all kinds can communicate and thrive, we aim to serve as a much-needed global cultural bridge. By not being bound to one location, Atlas Electronic is able to spread and apply acquired knowledge to new situations in a similar way to a nomad would. We invite you to join us on this journey where nothing we know is set in stone.